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In our new Internet age, we now essentially live in "electronic cities" ... wondrous in how technology gives us so many exciting benefits in commerce, communications, entertainment, productivity, and various qualities of life. And yet, because of its constant change, growth, openness, and vulnerability, very real dangers lurk within it threatening to snatch away and drain our identities, information, time, and money.

News reports are common about thieves and spies regularly stealing government and business secrets from databases behind secure firewalls. How could you believe that your unprotected email is safe as it crosses the completely open and unsecure Internet?

It isn't. Your email is the easiest of targets – to be hijacked, read, and changed. If not, why have governments and industries mandated that Internet email with confidential personal and business information must be encrypted and secured, regardless of cost?

Now more than ever – everyone needs effective solutions to their email problems of:

Privacy, Security, Tracking, and Differentiation

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