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Recipients know your eLetters are safe to open

Email security is vital. Email must be "safe" to open – for you and your recipients – regardless if you're in a network or using a stand-alone computer. Unsecure email is far easier for criminals to attack, steal, and infect than databases with firewalls – and you hear regularly about database hacking. If your incoming email is not safe to open, your computers, sensitive data, and business and personal identities are threatened.

ePostal is your answer. With ePS Security, you and your recipients know your ePS eLetter® emails are safe to open and read. The ePostal System "fingerprints" each eLetter with a comprehensive package of security features to assure you and your recipients that eLetters are safe to send and receive. The ePostal System:

  • Authenticates the sending computer's fingerprinted identity
    – Senders can be tracked down
  • Can certify the personal identity of the individual sender
    – A "notarization" of the sending person
  • Can certify the personal identity of the individual recipient, before opening
    – A "notarization" of the receiving person
  • Examines every eLetter for technical risks
    – Such as viruses and worms
  • Verifies the received message content is exactly the same as was sent
    – Tamper-evident protection for the eLetter and its attachments
  • Stores eLetters in secure folders separate from regular email
    – If it's in an ePS folder, you know it's an eLetter and safe to open
  • Allows any eLetter to be encrypted for storage at no cost
    – Assured privacy for eLetters and their attachments on your computer
  • Tracks eLetter transmission from sender to recipient
    – With confirming records from beginning to end.

The ePostal System is NIST-approved, satisfies privacy-security mandates such as HIPAA, GLB, and EU-Directive, and is accepted for export by the DOC and NSA.

The ePS System is: anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-hijacking, anti-spying, anti-spoofing, anti-phishing, and anti-identity theft. With ePostal, you do not risk your reputation and credibility as an email sender. With ePostal, your recipients know your eLetters are safe to open. And, this means your recipients will see, open, and respond to your eLetters sooner.

ePS is also anti-expensive and anti-difficult.

ePostal — the Best, Easiest, and Least Expensive way

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